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If your company has a big name, we recommend setting up a link to job specs on your website. Join Us buttons work exceptionally well on the front page.

Even if you aren’t such a big name, give candidates the option to add their name to your jobs mailing list. If you’re visible at graduate recruitment days, you’ll accumulate plenty of eager graduates keen to keep the connection going.

Highlight your desire to be inclusive

When you write your job spec, it’s essential to be explicit that you’re an inclusive company! Some candidates might feel excluded from the system, especially if they see that the current team doesn’t represent them. If you don’t speak directly to these candidates, you could miss out on a whole lot of talent.

Not sure how to begin? We recommend leaving a clear note on the job spec detailing how your company is working hard to become more inclusive and wants to diversify its team members across all departments. This will do some of the work in encouraging a broader range of candidates to apply.

Look beyond the job spec

So, you’ve written your job spec. Before you send it out to the world, look at it once again with this in your mind:

Think about the route that an individual’s career trajectory in this role might take. Remember that recruitment is a long game. Companies should think about how the positions they create become part of an ecosystem in their company and not individual silos.

By doing so, you’re much more likely to build up and strengthen your internal talent, reducing the burden on your HR team. Have the functions you’ve identified set up the candidate for careers success, or have they blocked them in with nowhere to move?

Does the job need to be permanent?

If you can’t think of any progression opportunities, consider whether a candidate might better serve this role on a contract or a semi-permanent position. Such roles offer more flexibility to the candidate and could be a way for you to find motivated talent that wants to use your contract job to supercharge their portfolio.

Ask them what they want

It’s such a simple question, and it can sometimes be forgotten!

At Aldrich & Co, we find our candidates commonly want to know the following:  

Many forget that candidates want to see long-term viability for their job in a company that cares as much about individual success as it does the firm’s prosperity.

Use LinkedIn to give your job application more exposure…

But beware: Millions of people use the social media platform daily, and it can become unwieldy. You should be prepared to sort through the hundreds of applications that might come your way!

…and try to reply to everyone

We know that many companies no longer do this, but we feel that companies serious about recruitment should always take the time to send a templated rejection message. You’ll be one of the few these days that do, and you’ll end the relationship with your rejected candidates on a more positive note.

People appreciate a response, and talent that might not have been suitable for one role will feel much more inclined and encouraged to write to you again.

Be quick(er) about making a decision

We’ve seen companies lose out on top candidates because they take too long to decide, or they have put them through several unnecessary interviews before determining whether they should get the job.

The fact is: The best candidates have options, so it’s as much in your interest to show them how you operate as it is theirs to show off their skills! If your recruitment systems are coming across as slow and cumbersome, that might make them feel better placed in a more agile company.

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