Executive coaching

Are you seeking a change of direction — either personally or for your team?

A series of sessions with an executive coach will give you the thinking space to address any challenge — whether you want to step up your own career or get more from your team.

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Our executive coaches offer non-judgmental, goal-focussed, confidential coaching on issues such as:

  • Leadership development
  • Business transformation and change management
  • Family business coaching and mentoring
  • Talent management and succession planning
  • Board advisory, corporate governance and business ethics including  Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Personal, organisational and societal transformation
  • Building inner resilience and cognitive capabilities
  • Performance management, appraisals, personal development and Key Performance Indicators
  • Restructuring and streamlining organisations
  • Short- and long-term strategic planning
  • Stakeholder, investor and board engagement

Contact us to talk to us about how executive coaching can help you fulfil your career or business goals.

Executive coaching for candidates 

Hit a roadblock in your career? 

Need help thinking through a leadership challenge? 

Seeking clarity on how to achieve a particular goal?

Whatever it is, a series of one-to-one coaching sessions with one of our business coaches can help you achieve the breakthrough you’re looking for. 

Our coaches work with professionals at all levels and have helped people transform their careers through the careful art of coaching.

Learn more about how executive coaching can help you take your career to the next level.

Executive coaching for clients 

Are you seeking a new strategy for your business? Would you like to boost the performance of your team?

At Aldrich & Co, we’ve spent decades helping businesses succeed by building high-performing teams. So our executive coaching is simply a natural extension of our purpose as recruiters: to equip you and your team with the ability to reach your goals.

Our coaches have deep and broad experience mentoring high-performing people and their teams — helping them transform their businesses and drive growth.

Learn more about the many ways executive coaching can help you and your business realise your full potential.