Finding an outstanding candidate starts with a conversation – about you, your team and your goals for your business.

Why talk to us

At Aldrich & Co, we have exceptional candidates who stand out from the crowd. And we will only introduce someone to you if they’ve got what it takes to bring value to your business.

We’ll also be looking for someone who’ll be a great fit from day one — whether you need them on a temporary or a permanent basis. 

Understanding who that is, starts with understanding who you are. Your ambitions for your business. Your workplace culture. The personalities in your office.

Every detail helps us paint a picture of who you are — and how we can help you make the perfect hire. 

Planning a new hire? Just ask

Executive coaching for clients 

Are you seeking a new strategy for your business? Would you like to boost the performance of your team?

At Aldrich & Co, we’ve spent decades helping businesses succeed by building high-performing teams. So our executive coaching is simply a natural extension of our purpose as recruiters: to equip you and your team with the ability to reach your goals.

Our coaches have deep and broad experience mentoring high-performing people and their teams — helping them transform their businesses and drive growth.

Learn more about the many ways executive coaching can help you and your business realise your full potential.

What are we like to work with?

Most of our clients return to us over and over again.

They tell us it’s not just because we’re rigorous. It’s also because our desire to go above and beyond makes us easy to work with.

And that after decades in the business, we know exactly how to match a candidate to a role.

Need to fill a role right away? Whether it’s temporary or permanent, just ask.