There’s no such thing as ‘too much’ research! And yet too few early-career professionals are really diligent in their research into companies before their interviews.

Here, we show you where to get intel and how to interpret what you find at the interview and beyond. 


Where to find information about a company (the basics) 

A company’s official website and social media channels are great places to start your research. You’ll want to find out what the business does, who its clients are, the company’s size, its corporate values, its mission, its goals, and what it wants to achieve.


How to dig deeper for information and impress your interviewers

Anyone and everyone will have easy access to the above information. Set yourself apart by really doing some digging. 

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How to turn your research into intelligent questions at an interview

Your questions say a lot about you, so stay mindful and informed. Make sure you’re not asking for the sake of asking.

Your questions should come from your research, and they must genuinely interest you. What interesting details did you unearth? You might have questions about their team or their activities that would show the interviewers you have really thought about their company.

Think about how your personal story might relate to these questions, and use concrete examples from your experience to help interviewers picture you working for their company.

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