Are you frustrated by the impact of lockdown on your search for a new role?

Here are a few pointers to get you going and help you to be proactive for when the time comes to apply! 

Now’s the perfect time to refresh, tweak, or even start again on your CV to ensure you stand out when it matters.


Make sure it’s error free. That means no typos, no misplaced apostrophes (most common mistakes are GCSE’s, MD’s etc) and no muddled dates.


Clarity – no recruiter or client wants to search for information.  Make sure the key points are clear and easy to read. Remember this virtual piece of paper is your ticket into the next round! 


Less is more – an interviewer can ask you for more content when you meet. So, for now show them briefly what you want them to see; tailoring it to the role you’re applying for.


Don’t be afraid of white space. A clean CV is a pleasure to review. With so many CVs to look at, you may only have a few seconds to make an impact.


Show the essence of you. What makes you different from others with similar experience? A particular skill or interest may lead to a good conversation and even clinch the job.

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