Many candidates come to us at a midway point in their career, where they feel that they know themselves better and are excited to take on new challenges that more closely fit their professional needs. Sometimes, this means moving up the ladder. Many other times, it means moving across the ladder to a new but related field. Embarking on a career transition from a finance to an investor relations job can be a challenging yet rewarding journey. We have helped many candidates make the move. With this article, we show how you can, too:

Become a lifelong learner for an Investor Relations job

Continuous learning is key to staying relevant in this dynamic field. In fact, no matter the field, we always recommend getting recognized for learning achievements throughout your career as a way to get ahead.

Get certified in Investor Relations

There is no single approach to a career in investor relations, and yet getting certified by reputable places like the Investor Relations Society, which runs the Certificate in Investor Relations (CIR), can bolster your credibility significantly.

Get interested in the market

Passion and enthusiasm are incredibly persuasive tools and important ways to ensure you get ahead of the competition, even if other candidates have more relevant experience. Stay abreast of market trends with news coverage that you can find on LinkedIn and in specialist magazines like IR Magazine.

When you get more confident, attend industry conferences. A deep understanding of the market landscape and the people who shape it will increase your chances of getting a seat at the table. Which brings us to:

Improve your networking skills

Investor Relations demands effective communication and relationship-building. The Investor Relations community is not all that large in London, and getting to know people can be a sure-fire way of getting your name recognised and eventually invited to interview.

Attend industry events, join relevant professional Investor Relations groups, and connect with professionals in the field by sending notes to people who inspire you either because of their authorship or their presentations.  

How to tailor your CV for an Investor Relations job

Make sure your CV gets you an interview by preparing your bullet points and foregrounding your skills over your experience.

Prepare your bullet points

A lot of candidates forget to tailor their CVs to each field. Make sure the bullet points underneath each job title showcase how the work you did is relevant to the job you’re applying for.

Have you effectively communicated complex financial information? Did you manage relationships with stakeholders? How do you feel about navigating regulatory landscapes? Make sure that answers to these become the first bullet points to be featured in each section.

If you don’t have the experience, foreground your skills

Transitioning to Investor Relations is much easier when you already have a Finance background. Many finance skills are transferable to an Investor Relations position. In our experience, firms are especially looking for skills in financial analysis, data interpretation, and risk assessment. If you also have experience in strategic planning and relationship management, these can also be excellent examples to showcase your versatility.

If you really don’t have any experience at all, don’t exaggerate any! In these cases, we recommend showcasing your adaptability and commitment to professional growth. Both of these skills are key to Investor Relations.

How to succeed at an Investor Relations interview

Congratulations! You have been selected for an interview. Here is how to take the next step and give yourself the best chance of getting the job.

Prepare answers to how you faced challenges head-on

Some interviewers may want to know why you’re transitioning from a role that requires a knowledge of numbers to one that emphasises interpersonal skills. This is a valid question that you can answer by showcasing how your financial acumen helps you communicate complex financial concepts in an accessible way.

Always have the key needs of Investor Relations in mind

Ultimately, any experience you may have in relationship management and adaptability will be important to highlight at the interview. Refresh your memory of these moments and have them at hand when questioned.


If you are looking to transition from Finance to Investor Relations, or indeed to any other career, we can help. We have decades of experience helping London’s brightest candidates move across the ladder into a role they love.

Take a look at our job board and apply with your CV. If you can’t find anything that fits, send us a spec application, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.