We don’t hear it often in our offices(!) but we know the question’s out there: Why should I bother using a recruiter?

Here’s a little insight into what we do, and why you should consider approaching a recruitment agency to help you land your next job. 

What does a recruiter do?

Companies use recruiters to spot talent. We’re taking a weight off their shoulders – finding the right person requires time and skill. The bigger the company, the more applications they will likely receive, so we’re helping them to find the best candidates in a wide pool.

This makes recruiters a little like matchmakers between companies and candidates. When we receive a mandate for a candidate search, we’ll advertise the role. Once we have received applications, we’ll shortlist the most suitable, organise interviews between shortlisted candidates and the hiring managers, and work with our clients to find the right match.

What’s in it for the recruiter?

It’s a common misconception that all recruiters do is collect candidates in a big Rolodex – and then forget about them!

This isn’t how our business works. Your success reflects on us! If you become a great pick for our clients, they will be much more likely to continue working with us. So, if we see potential in you, we will toil to find you the perfect job.

Financially, we benefit by charging our clients (the companies looking to hire a candidate) a matchmaking fee, depending on the seniority of the role to fill, the agency and client reputation, and the type of service we provide. Candidates should not expect to pay a fee for using a recruitment agency.

What will a recruiter do for me?

Recruiters aren’t just there to find you a job – the really good ones look after your career. We’ll often give you CV advice and help you to present your work history and experience in a way that we know our clients will like. Once we have met face-to-face and have got to know you, we may also give you careers guidance and executive coaching.

We’re in the ‘relationships business’, so similarly, when we put you forward for a position we’ll have already spoken to our clients in detail about what they want. With this insight, we can give you gentle nudges in the direction that your potential employer might expect you to go.

This really is where having a recruiter who knows you and who is a specialist in your field helps so much.

How active are recruiters in the screening process?

Recruiters are effectively mediators between their clients and candidates. We’ll be a part of each stage of the process, so we’ll help you pitch yourself, and we’re also in a position to give feedback and respond to your questions post-interview.

How can I know if a recruiter is not right for me?

A few companies have inhouse talent management and talent sourcing teams. If you know your ideal company, and you’re fixed on being hired by them and you know that they hire inhouse, a recruiter will not be a huge help to you.

You’ll just have to do your research, hope that your CV hits the right note, and hope that they give you feedback if your application is unsuccessful.

One other time when a recruiter might not be right for you is if they’re the wrong recruiter for your field of interest. Are you interested in a job in finance at the Big Four? Then it’s no use getting on the books of a media recruitment agency. 


You have nothing to lose and much to gain by sending your application to a recruitment agency. A good recruiter will take time to get to know you and listen to you. If they understand what makes you tick, it will be much easier for them to find a job you love.

Interested in a finance role in the City of London? Contact us today, and we’ll connect you with one of our recruitment consultants, who will help you find your next position.