Larger organisations often have built-in career plans, which can lead to a truly rewarding future within the firm. If you’ve been invited to a promotion interview at your company, here is how you can ace it!

Six simple ways to set yourself up for a great interview for a job promotion.

1. Read the room – before you’re in it!

Who is interviewing you? This is important – will it be someone you know well, and who knows your work well? Or will it be someone higher up in the organisation? If it’s the latter, how far up are they? What are their needs that you can address? Learn who is interviewing you, and then tailor your responses to them appropriately. 

2. Be your own worst enemy

It’s never usually a good idea, but for a brief moment before the interview you should allow yourself to do this just once!

Ask yourself the question: Why shouldn’t they bring you aboard? Be honest with yourself – list all the drawbacks or uncertainties about hiring you. Then go through them and think about how you could address each one of these issues. Don’t just try to excuse yourself – explain how your other skills might negate the issue.

3. Learn what they want

What does the job entail? If this is a newly created position, find out what tasks they’re looking for this employee to handle – asking HR is a good idea. Once you’ve got to grips with what would be expected of you, you can cross-examine your current skills and tasks to fit the new role.

4. Be prepared to guide the discussion

Know what you want out of the meeting. This should be easy – a promotion – but the interview is the best chance you have to have a hand in crafting it. They want you – promotion interviews are sometimes clearer about the people they want than the job they need them to fill – so the tasks might be a little more loosely defined.Think about what you really want. Go in open, but not open to anything.

5. Gather your data

Spend time listing the achievements you have made at the company to date. When you’re at work, you’re not always thinking of all the great things you achieved, so make sure you have thought about it before the interview. This way, you’ll enter the boardroom armed and prepared with these data.

6. Prepare to ask what they want from you

Your employers want to see you grow within the company, so it’s important that you also show an interest in gaining experience and building your career! They already like you, so you’re several steps forward; help them to imagine a scenario where you have even more skills for them to tap!


Job promotion interviews are a great sign that your talent has been recognised and discussed within the company. Even if you’re not promoted, consider this a step in the right direction and a credit to your work. Now might also be a good time to shop around for alternatives. You were one of the top candidates for this promotion, so other companies hiring for similar positions will likely be interested.