Last weekend I was lucky enough to be treated by friends to a surprise visit to the V&A’s Records and Rebels 1966 – 1970 exhibition.

The exhibition is fantastic; its focus is the counter-culture that brought the changes that took place during the sixties. The audio guide is excellent, the music and narrative changes as you move from one section to another. You hear the speeches that were galvanising the crowds, bringing people together, as well as some of the most famous music of the time.

We all know about the changes that took place at this time, what this well constructed exhibition highlighted for me was the phenomenal size of the movement, it was truly global.

I loved seeing the clothes that people chose to wear, the books that were written and read, the pop art and wall posters that were mass-produced. It really was a hard-hitting sensory experience, some of which helped me to fully understand the extent of what was going on during my childhood.

At the end, you are invited to sit and relax in a huge room dedicated to Woodstock. The room is dotted with outfits worn by some of the performers, a screen showing clips of the festival and beanbags on which to chill.

So much was achieved during the sixties and much that was fought for is taken for granted today.

I will not go into more detail as I do not want to give too much away. I will be going again and I would definitely recommend a visit (before it ends later this month).

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