‘Time alone will prove an honest man’. Though Sophocles wrote these words two and half thousand years ago, they are still undoubtedly true today. Some may argue that the emphasis on bringing ‘honour to one’s family’ as a warrior, athlete or orator is less relevant today, trust is certainly still the most valuable resource in business.

Reputation is priceless and we must do everything in our power to maintain our own personal reputation and that of the companies for which we work. For example, a company’s reputation will affect sales, a job seeker’s reputation will affect employability, we are all invariably subject to the decisions we make.

Developing attributes like reliability, generosity, sincerity and honesty are their own reward both professionally and privately. Friendships will flourish and people will seek you out to do business.

Just as Sophocles wrote in his masterpiece, Oedipus Tyrannus in 5th Century BCE Athens, good reputations are built by maintaining a high level of integrity over the course of many years. He follows this quote to write ‘one day proclaims the sinner’, which is to say that although building a good reputation is vital, protecting it becomes equally important.

Here at Aldrich, 100% of our clients and over 70% of our candidates come to us via referral. This is a testament to the great reputation for quality that we have successfully build over the last 23 years. We are absolutely dedicated to providing the highest quality of service to our clients and candidates and operate with honesty, sincerity and professionalism.

If you know anyone who is currently looking for a job please refer them to us, you have our reputation to count on.

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