Having lived in Hertfordshire for over ten years, I recently moved back to my spiritual home – Hampstead!  A wonderful haven, so close to the centre of London but worlds apart from the bustle of the City. I have been drawn back time and time again to this area where life is easy, cosmopolitan, the people are lovely with some great characters and pretty houses with hidden gems of gardens are round every corner.

Hampstead has retained the village feel but is so well connected by tube, bus and the overland trains.  Entertaining visitors and chilling at the weekend here is such a breeze with fabulous restaurants and wonderful independent shops not to mention a bit of celeb-spotting! I’d highly recommend L’Antica Pizzeria, recently voted Top London Pizzeria! There is still the same family-run Italian deli Giacobazzi selling stracchino (so hard to find), and of course their gelato (pistachio is my favourite!) reminding me of my days living in Bologna…

The Everyman cinema has the same cosy and rustic armchairs that no doubt my parents enjoyed as frequent visitors in the 1960s – Hampstead charm!

Just moments away from home is the vast and gorgeous Heath, perfect for weekend walks to clear away the cobwebs with amazing views of London and after a busy week in the City playing tennis just minutes away from home is a brilliant way to relax.

I think of myself as a City girl but I grew up in Yorkshire and went to university in Canterbury so maybe in Hampstead I’m looking for some of that country feel.  Bizarrely, my life has come full circle as I find myself living in the exact same street as I was over fifteen years ago!  The memories are just as fresh yet I’ve grown up quite a bit!

Being here again is very simply: Coming home.



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