This summer, contemporary artist Grayson Perry has brought his works together in what he labelled ‘The Most Popular Exhibition Ever!’ Through his works Perry addresses various social issues in British society through a diverse range objects.

Coincidentally the exhibition was launched on the same day as the June general election, making the themes of the exhibition very pertinent to the visitor. The artist presents the ramifications of Brexit showing how the country had been divided as a result of the 2016 Referendum. By working with traditional crafts materials such as vases and tapestries and incorporating socio political meanings into them Perry successfully subverts his audience’s expectations of the purpose of these everyday objects. The themes Perry discusses in this exhibition are not limited to brexit; issues of gender, class and the popularity of art are also addressed. Do not miss your chance to visit this stimulating exhibition, on at the Serpentine Gallery free of charge.

At Aldrich & Co we also value traditional values and skills when placing people in jobs but we too have a unique twist in our attitude to placing people. This is why we have managed to build up such a great reputation with employers’ as well as employees.

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