Say the word diet and I can’t help thinking die with a t. If it involves eating like a rabbit for weeks on end, I struggle at the thought. That is of course until I discovered Rabbit on Kings Road in Chelsea where vegetables are now a complete revelation alongside lean seared or slow cooked proteins. Who’d have thought of the delight that is carrot hummus with heritage carrots to dip in it? What’s up Doc? It’s all decidedly British when you wash down a Lullworth Cove scallop with a splash of organic Nutty Pinot Noir Blush. The Chorizo, Labneh, Crisp Bread and Kale will send your taste buds into a delectable tailspin. Or how about Wye Valley asparagus with a lush hen egg and a drizzle of truffle oil? Save room for a glass of the Nutty Brut alongside the honeycomb and mascarpone or Rhubarb and Custard Set Cream, mille-feuille with almonds. It really is the best of British. It’s addictive, I’ll be back to gnaw my way through more of this rabbit food, I might even move into a Hutch.

Martin Turner





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