The V & A is currently showcasing pieces from one of the biggest names in fashion, Christobal Balenciaga. The exhibition highlights some the designer’s most profound achievements and is a great opportunity to admire beautiful clothes. From ball gowns to work attire the exhibition encompasses a wide range of the clothes that the Spanish designer made.

Balenciaga was clearly a perfectionist and this is celebrated in the exhibition; like Balenciaga we at Aldrich insist on perfection and demand very high standards for those that we place. A former apprentice at Balenciaga said ‘He fitted each model himself; he chose each button, each colour for the lining. He didn’t leave it to anyone: everything was done with detailed precision.’ Similarly to Christobel’s approach we understand the importance of forming personal relationships with our clients and employees in order to make the right placements.

Make sure you don’t miss out on this stunning opportunity to learn about one of the most influential figures in fashion, get your tickets here: before February 2018!

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