On the 25th of May, Aldrich & Co will be participating in AMFAM – A Meal for a Meal Day.

This extraordinary initiative harnesses the simple demand for lunch in the in the City and makes it the driving force behind tackling malnutrition in India.  We contacted the Akshaya Patra Foundation to find out more:

AMFAM DAY 25th MAY 2017

AMFAM = A Meal For A Meal

If I told you that your lunch could provide school meals to a child for a whole year, would you believe it?

If just the City of London participates in the AMFAM campaign, at least one million children could get school lunches for an entire year. All you have to do is to choose from a good range of healthy lunch options and order through the AMFAM site http://www.foodforeducation.org.uk/ to have your lunch delivered to your desk. If you can get your firm to match fund the cost of your meal, you then pay only £5 for a meal and the company pays the other £5. Alternatively, you can eat your lunch out at a participating AMFAM restaurant.

The AMFAM campaign is beautiful in its simplicity and powerful in its impact.

A Meal for A Meal Day is supporting www.foodforeducation.org.uk, an organisation that strives to tackle the issues of classroom hunger and educational access in India.

To participate, contact the AMFAM team at info@akshayapatra.co.uk or call on 020 7422 6612.


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