We have just come back from India and our visit prompted me to think of how Christmas is celebrated around the world. Well in India, it’s relatively quite a small festival – due to the number of people who are Christians (about 2.3%) compared to people of other religions. Saying that with a population of over 1 billion there are over 25 million Christians in India. (Just a million over the entire population of Australia).

Mumbai and Goa is where it’s happening.  You’ll find a midnight mass and a massive feast of mostly curries naturally and giving and receiving of presents. The churches are decked out in Poinsettia flowers and candles and the weather forecast is 29° and sunny! Take me back!

The Christmas we spent in Hong Kong was a bit of a surprise… yes Christmas trees, church services, carols, Christmas cards, the nativity and lots of fairy lights and tinsel.  Santa comes to town known as Sing Daan Lou Yan (Christmas Old Man).  More Poinsettia flowers and candles are thrown in for good measure.  Turkey is definitely on the menu! With a forecast of 20° for the big day.

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