The way we work

One of the legacies of the 2008 financial crisis was the downsizing of staffing that naturally occurs for an interim period leaving office space empty. The way forward is to create co-working spaces, sharing is a positive and inspiring thing to do, energising the office with fresh faces and points of view. Google for instance traditionally sublet office space to companies they were interested in later acquiring – working together in a shared space has many benefits. It is understood that there are about 7,800 co-working offices world-wide, and this has risen 50% year on year. Running a business requires tenacity and agility, and we’ve always been keen to share space and champion new businesses. A number of entrepreneurs from amongst our contacts and friends have successfully launched their businesses from our offices. Having an office to come to and colleagues to interact with is a hugely positive experience and often produces greater success than working in isolation. Vida Consultancy is one such company which is now recognised as one of the leading exclusive matchmaking companies in the world. Their business is about matching people for personal life partner relationships. Ours is about finding the right match for your job role and company. Both ourselves and Vida are all about helping individuals make life choices, these were synergies that worked so well in our shared office environment.

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Martin Turner

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