Goodbye…? Oh no, please. Can’t we go back to page one and do it all over again?

– A. A. Milne

Time is invaluable – particularly when starting a career in the City. Starting a career within the City can be daunting, is there a right a way to commence our journey towards achieving that elusive first job? Last week we discussed the advantages of an Apprenticeship Scheme, this week we are looking at the benefits of a University education.

At school we are taught a lesson and given a test, at University we are given a test and taught a lesson. There is much debate surrounding the benefits of this lesson as it leaves a young adult with an estimated debt of £44,000.

At 16 we are asked to choose what we would like to be when we leave school, the reality being that a privileged minority have an answer. University is a snapshot of time which gives a young professional time to delve into a specialism, whether this be scientific or arts based it is a platform to learn.  University offers the prospect of broadening our horizons whilst gaining the initial building blocks towards independence.

These building blocks are crucial as it is momentous jump from the structure of school to the reality of the working world. University offers both the invaluable benefits of combining education and an opportunity to become self-reliant in safe and nurturing environment. Crucially the support of University does not end at graduation, I found a huge advantage of University was the support I received both prior to and post-graduation from the careers department. The initial stages of a job search within the City can often be unforgiving having a degree on my CV and the continued advice of professionals was a huge reassurance.

In the rush to step onto the career ladder it is easy to make a mistake – a degree gives a young adult three or more years to experiment, learn and expand a skill set. Starting a career in debt is intimidating but the time, skills and friendships that come from University are invaluable – I would not hesitate to return to page one of my degree and do it all over again.

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