Today Kate and I had the great pleasure of meeting clients in a really stunning office, a shared space oozing great energy. We signed in and out registering on an iPad, photo and id were taken swiftly and we moved into a very smart open area.

Sat around a shared dining table with cool Jake Dyson lighting all along were relaxed but focussed men and women probably financial whiz kids of all ages working on state of the art computers or talking with purpose and composure into their phones. One wall was lined with glass fronted refrigerators and a Coke and Cadbury display to tempt you when energy reserves need replenishing as well as the latest coffee machines and eco-friendly water coolers.

They have it all worked out, designers have clearly had fun working to build an environment where all the businesses interact. Clean, bright and functional; altogether energetic and thoroughly appealing. Check out The Office Group

If you are growing your business this could be the answer in terms of space… In terms of people clearly you know you need to call us at Aldrich & Company!

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