What is going on in the job market? Recent reports suggest that the number of permanent admin and secretarial positions is decreasing in London. At the same time, indicators show that there is an increase in service roles including hospitality, food, accommodation and growth in temporary administrative and secretarial roles.


On the permanent side of the business we are seeing that as the market is more competitive, candidates with strong skills, who have prioritised their training and education alongside working, are more attractive to businesses. Particularly where technology is concerned – the swift and efficient production of a report, a budget, a presentation or a document, effective electronic archiving etc all have a huge impact on your reputation and value to a business.


If you are focusing on building your skills or the skills of your support team – my advice, tried and tested, is to speak to Vickie Sokol Evans, CEO/Founder at Red Cape. The company is based in the US but holds webinars and offers in-house training in London (details below!) Vickie’s credentials, listed here (www.redcapeco.com/vickie ) are second-to-none and as we have written before on our blog – it’s never too late to learn new skills!


In the financial services industry workers must be aware of and trained in the latest technological innovation (trading algorithms, machine learning). These advances are developing all the time so thoughtful planning for your career is essential.


In spite of recent reports, we are seeing a strong desire for firms in London to hire, two months into the year we are certainly busier than this time last year. The market is buoyant and the tide is fast. A number of financial services institutions are openly shopping around for new office space in Canary Wharf, and a survey by a salary benchmarking firm found that 59% of financial services professionals expect their companies to perform better in 2017 than in 2016…


All in all, it looks pretty positive from our perspective!

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