Over the years I have come across many recruiters and hear some outrageous stories but more often some exceedingly humbling and heart-warming stories on the subject.  Good recruiters have the skills and the abilities to maintain balanced relationships with both clients and candidates, whilst never favouring one or the other. These professional recruiters, realise that they cannot succeed without communication and compliance from both sides.

Bad recruiters tend to favour one, the client, and conduct themselves without regard for the candidate. The candidate is often seen as bait or collateral for their own personal success, which is very short sighted and narrow minded. Those recruiters whom I have a long lasting relationships with their candidates and clients are the professional recruiters, readily available to help or just chat. They are happy to hear from candidates and clients all the time, not just when they need something.  These recruiters take pride in matching the right people to the right positions.

We aim to meet these high standards and take pride in the work we do with a passion!

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