Countless studies have shown us that productivity is key to overall performance at work. We know that working hard and for long hours doesn’t always make you better at your job, what you should really be doing is working ‘smarter’. Here at Aldrich, we like to work ‘smart’ and have compiled a list of our top tips for increasing productivity at work.

Keep on top of your inbox!

Most of us spend hours every day, reading, composing and sending emails. Inbox management will inevitably take time and it is important that the emails that we send out are of a high standard but it is vital that we don’t spend more time than is absolutely necessary to review our emails.

Responding promptly will be appreciated by the recipient and will mean that you will avoid being overloaded by un-responded emails and waste time when you have other unfinished tasks pending.


Eat healthily and exercise!

Leading a healthier lifestyle will undoubtedly raise your mood which increases productivity. We work better when we are happier. Maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly to keep yourself at peak performance and continue at maximum productivity.


Take time to talk to your colleagues!

When you are really busy, it is easy to get absorbed into work but taking time to talk to your colleagues is of vital importance. Taking time to talk to your colleagues about what you (and they) are working on is a great way to share ideas and increase the quality of your work.


Take breaks!

To maintain optimum productivity, it is recommended that we take a short break every hour. This will allow your mind to refocus, allowing ideas to reassemble in your mind afterwards. Taking a moment every hour of two to take a breath, clear your mind from your work and mentally prepare yourself for your next task is a simple but effective way of increasing your overall productivity.

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