You are growing your career and you need support and guidance from an experienced business professional.  At any stage in your career it’s important to seek a mentor who you can learn from. Someone who you can bounce ideas off, discuss your strategy with and explore where your career could lead.

A good mentor will recognise skills and abilities in you and really push you to develop them and in doing so, make you realise that you are capable of far more than you might have initially thought. They may make interesting business introductions, will give you honest feedback and share from their experiences.

The value a mentor can bring to your career can be a game changer; they don’t necessarily need to work with you or even work in your industry but they’ve been around the block.  They will help you see your situation from a different perspective opening your mind to new opportunities. Be honest, be forthright and be prepared. We can all benefit profoundly from seeking honest advice.

Being a mentor is hugely rewarding, helping someone to build their career and make life decisions, putting your experiences both good and bad to practical use will transform your mentee. It is also brilliant opportunity to develop your own skills and learn from someone with a different perspective.

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