Great communication skills are expected in almost all jobs today. Being able to quickly get information to your team, clients and customers is incredibly important.  Speaking multiple languages to a fluent standard is back in vogue and our clients are hoovering up the talent.  Building your language skills will open up doors and give you an edge in this competitive job market.

Any language is useful, whether it is widely spoken or not, employers will look at a language as another skill that you have regardless of whether you will specifically need it for the job you are applying for. However, some languages are more useful than others. For example, widely spoken languages like Spanish and Mandarin are very valuable and German, Arabic and Russian requested more and more. If you are considering learning a language, have a think about which language might be useful for you and which one fits best with the work you do. If your company does business in Germany, even if you aren’t directly involved with the any of the clients, it would be undeniably useful to be able to speak the language and provide your support when it is needed.   We can put you in touch with tutors and on the subject of German contact Katja – who is an absolute pro – with background in finance and Private Equity. 

 Job seekers often put ‘French (GCSE Level)’ or ‘Basic Spanish’ on their CV. GCSE level and basic skills in languages do not prepare you fully for the knowledge needed in business. If you put a language on your CV, you should be confident that you could communicate with anyone in that language. You may not have mastered technical terminology specific to certain industries but it is important that if you mention a language on your CV that you are able to communicate clearly and precisely in this language.

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