We have had a huge amount of interest and comment from our readers on the subject of finding out what makes you tick and what you want from your career. It’s obviously a topic we’re all thinking about on some level.

One of our readers who had been working for a large investment bank gave some very helpful advice based on her personal experience.  She was running an area of HR within a global investment bank.  She used and recommended a variety of tools including the VIA and Gallup strength tests for her mentees. 

A switch was flicked, a light bulb moment and as with many of her generation who might have 4 or 5 careers in their lifetime (and she is already on her third), she herself took the tests. They helped her to understand what her career anchors were and where she should be focusing her next move.  The words ‘entrepreneurial creativity and autonomy’ did not describe her current role so she took the bold move to find a career where she could be more fulfilled and hasn’t looked back!

The Gallup strengths tests are a great starting point for considering your options before a career move!



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