Apprenticeships have been a traditional route into the workforce since the Middle Ages and they are back in favour supported by government initiatives.  An Apprenticeship must offer a combination of work and training and has been a fashionable way to recruit school leavers and support them through university or professional learning.

There have been some superb results from the large professional services firms. One firm that we know of has transitioned their school leaver programme into an Apprenticeship programme which covers 3 years of training, enabling someone straight from school to gain a professional qualification a year before a graduate.  The induction events and training are excellent.

A classic Apprenticeship will give you the opportunity to have a mentor and learn from professionals across a wide range of sectors. However it is not all ‘on the job’; as important are the professional training and qualifications which are reinforced by very practical application.

A number of asset management companies have a 2020 programme for students and recent graduates to nurture the leaders of the future with IMC and CFA training as part of the programme.

One financial PR firm we work with has a fantastic statistic: almost a 3rd of their Account Directors, Associates and Board Level have risen up from entry level roles.  This is increasingly becoming a focus for employers.

Although many corporates will offer good starting salaries and put their Apprentices on a basic salary with benefits, it is worth bearing in mind that the legal minimum wage nationally is £3.40 per hour for 16-18 year olds and the same for those over 19 in their first year of an Apprenticeship. This applies to the time learning or in training as well as on the job.

The programme should broaden horizons, give you access to the business world, introduce you to a network and set you up on your career path. They will teach you how to deal with people; what your skills and strengths are; technical skills and ultimately give you the confidence to build a career.

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