Getting one’s first serious job before or without going to university can be rather difficult. Employers generally look for candidates with relevant experience but you can’t get experience without being hired for jobs. This is where apprenticeships can provide a great alternative to university for school leavers.

Traditionally, apprenticeships have been reserved for certain industries, one of the largest being construction. More recently however, companies from all industries have adopted apprentices as a way to recruit staff. Many financial institutions based in the City are running successful apprenticeship schemes where apprentices often get the opportunity to move out of support roles and further train to add more value to the business. Many employers also concurrently run mentorship schemes which help develop managers and leaders for the future. Firms of all sizes and cultures realised that being able to train school leavers from scratch was a great opportunity to develop young talent rather than either, exclusively recruiting graduates or people who have had experience at other firms. Employers now have the opportunity to develop staff from the beginning of their career in their brand’s model employee.

As you may be able to tell, I am a huge fan of apprenticeships and this is because I actually was one. Instead of going to university I decided to train in Digital Marketing. Although I’m not a digital marketer now, doing an apprenticeship gave me invaluable skills to kick-start my career as well as a great job at a company that really wanted to see me learn and grow. I learnt a huge amount over the course of my apprenticeship year, everything from basic office skills to using mass email marketing software and planning campaigns.

Whether you’re an employer or a potential apprentice click below to read all about apprenticeships and how it works:

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