Appraisals are a vital career management tool which can be handled in a multitude of ways.

Whether it be your first “appraisal meeting” since you joined your company and you are drawing towards the end of your probation period, or if you have your feet well under the desk… we all need feedback!

The main purpose should be to assist you and to improve your performance, which clearly will be a benefit to both you and your firm.  Appraisals are a great opportunity to put your hand up and ask questions, don’t be afraid. Relax, roll your shoulders back, take a deep breath, and write some notes beforehand.

When getting feedback you should cover your past performance; keep a track of any issues in your personal notes. A discussion around your strengths and weaknesses enables you to learn what is expected from you and gives you recognition of your efforts.

Delving into problems and addressing issues is so important, with a view to identifying solutions and subsequently addressing these you can turn the problems around.

Discuss and review your set targets – what might be achievable going forward?  Looking to your future you must consider training and development.  It’s important to continue learning, it keeps you fresh.  Maintain and update your C.V. with the courses and duties you are undertaking, as a manager it is crucial to build your teams expertise.

If there isn’t an appraisal system in place it is absolutely fine to take the initiative and ask your manager for time in their diary and schedule a meeting to cover this.  Grasp the opportunity to review your long term potential with the firm.  Though it’s important to remember that an appraisal meeting is not necessarily a salary or bonus discussion – this should be handled separately if possible.

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