The appraisals can be successful in motivating employees and enhancing their performance.

An effective appraisal will require planning.

Keep your facts straight, record keeping is essential, no people manager has a perfect memory, so instances where an employee has performed well or badly should be kept, examples, facts and figures, evidence rather than haphazard generalisations which are not constructive.

  • Review the job description and the previous year’s appraisal
  • Talk to other managers to obtain factual feedback on performance
  • Think through what aspects of the employee’s performance are to be discussed
  • Be prepared to back up any criticism with facts and examples
  • Consider what points the employee may wish to raise
  • Agree the date, time and place for the meeting giving advance notice
  • Don’t underestimate the time necessary for the interview
  • Brief the individual in advance about the purpose and scope of the appraisal interview
  • Don’t allow interruptions during the interview

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