Job hunting is a tough process and we want to help. Improve your prospects by marketing yourself and here are our top tips.

  • Consistency, accuracy, grammar; when employers have hundreds of CVs to review so don’t let yours be put aside because of poor continuity, spelling and grammar.
  • Microsoft packages designed in the US where the default spellcheck will be set to US English. Change this, words ending in ‘-ize’ are not grammatically correct in UK English.
  • However, educational grades from other countries should be kept accurate to their origin (not translated to a UK equivalent).
  • All dates of previous education and employment need to be accurate. Make sure that you have every month and year correct and that you are completely familiar with every aspect of your history, you may be quizzed on them!
  • Bullet point your responsibilities; don’t write an essay for each role, employers want to be able to see which responsibilities you have undertaken during the course of your career to gauge what experience you have.
  • Do not leave gaps. If you have a gap have an answer ready, employers will want to know how you were occupying yourself.
  • Keep your CV up to date. Nothing looks worse to a prospective employer than an out of date CV. Every time you send out your CV, check it and make sure that all the details are correct.
  • Ensure your contact details are up to date and correct.
  • Check your social media profile is appropriate for the industry you intend to apply for.
  • Tailor your CV to the job you are applying for. Remember that every employer wants to see that you have all the relevant experience necessary to apply for the job. Tailoring your CV to focus in on relevant experience you have is a great way of marketing yourself through your CV.

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