With the final A Level examinations finishing this week, thousands of school leavers will be thinking about what the future holds for them.

Many students will have certain grades that they need to obtain to attend the University of their choice and those that have been given a conditional offer to a university will be eagerly awaiting results day on the 17th of August.

For those that are choosing not to go to university, are these grades the ‘Be-all and end-all’? This phrase was first used by a playwright that will be familiar to those finishing English A Level later this week, William Shakespeare in Macbeth. Although Shakespeare used it in slightly more dramatic circumstances, a speech by Macbeth while he plotted his murder of King Duncan, the assassination didn’t end up being the ‘be-all and end-all’ and we don’t think examination grades should be for school leavers either.

For many employers, grades are entirely secondary to their experience, attitude, skills and emotional intelligence but they are often taken into consideration. Research has shown that school level examinations are not necessarily a good indicator for a candidate’s intellect but performance at school necessarily shows a student’s diligence and dedication to their studies which will have been their primary focus at school. It is this dedication to perform and obtain good grades that is appealing to prospective employers.

Despite the importance of grades, here at Aldrich we like to focus on a candidate’s experience and track record of performing at work rather than looking immediately at their academic results.

If you are currently job hunting but are concerned that your academic performance, no matter how recent is affecting your employability, please do get in touch with us we’d love to help!

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