This week I had the opportunity to have a week’s work experience at Aldrich and have loved my time here. I have learned so much, the team have taught me business skills which make so much sense and have given me a foundation to prepare me for my future career in Human Resources.   From juggling calls, managing projects for the consultants and having an insight into Search and Recruitment, I really feel inspired.

I found Mariella Forte (the outstanding baker) on Instagram @skinnybakery and today we are feasting on a delivery that I organised as a thank you for the time they’ve spent with me. Knowing the team, I knew they would be an instant hit!

Mariella bases her recipes on healthy alternatives of the food we love, and I’m sharing one of her fabulous creations. Order yours now

Raw Chocolate Brownie Recipe: Serves 12


You will need:

150g homemade stewed apples

200g dates

2 tsps. stevia

200g dark chocolate, melted

6 rice cakes, chopped

20g salted peanuts, finely chopped


STEP 1: Simply peel and simmer your favourite apples for 5-10 minutes then drain and blitz.

STEP 2: Blend your apple, dates, stevia and chocolate in a food processor until smooth.

STEP 3: Add the chopped rice cakes and mix well. Press into an 8x8inch tin and sprinkle with peanuts (press them in a bit).

STEP 4: Pop into the freezer for half an hour before you slice into 12 and serve!


P.S.  Skinny Bakery’s Top tip: You can happily experiment with substitutions in this recipe since there is no baking going on here. Try substituting dates for figs or prunes. You could try making your variation of this recipe using other nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, you name it!). You can also use darker or milkier chocolate depending on your sweet tooth!

Isabel Thomson, Undergraduate, University of Birmingham

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