London Cru, established in 2013 as a part of Roberson Wine, is the first urban winery in London. It was set up by Cliff Roberson who has been in the wine trade for over 60 years and saw making a wine in the heart of the capital as a brilliant way to engage people directly with the wine making process.


So far, London Cru has made four vintages with carefully selected grapes from Spain, France and Italy. Current European regulations however, do not allow the grape variety to be written on the bottle. To get around this, the wines are names after London with phonetic naming convention – using urban streets that are of similar sound to the grape variety. For example, Sydney Street is Syrah, Charlotte Street is Chardonnay, Gresham Street is …. Yep you’ve got it Grenache….

The label, a map of London within the shape of a vine leaf, has won multiple design awards; the shape of the leaf represents which grape the wine is produced from and the river Themes can be seen running through it representing the stem. The winery has also won awards for innovation and the wines themselves have won multiple IWC medals for their quality.

In 2017 London Cru made a strategic decision to produce wine from English grapes only, producing an English Chardonnay and an English Bacchus.

You can visit the winery for tours, wine maker experiences and wine tastings. And if you have any clients or friends who work on Pimlico Street, Gresham Street, Charlotte Street, Chancery Lane or the Barbican, this could make a great gift.

“Innovation takes time and investment but we won’t ever stop, it’s what keeps us interested and interesting.”  Cliff Roberson.

I am proud to introduce London Cru to Aldrich, they have given me an excellent introduction to the City during my work experience at Aldrich & Co.

Margot Roberson.

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